Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition which is stated here is arranging the product buying which is offered by Shopthings and the usage of www.Shopthings.com

By using or registering website www.Shopthings.com, the users is considered having read, and understood, and agreed with all contents of this terms and conditions Terms and Conditions is the agreement between users and Shopthings. If the users does not agree to one of the agreement item, or all of agreement, then users shouldn't use the website.


  1. Inside the website of Shopthings, we are selling Women Clothing, Men Clothing, Best Seller Item
  2. The product is from our  suppliers in China. The product will be sent directly from China to your destination address.
  3. Free delivery  to almost all countries in the world.
  4. The shipment delivery time is 20-40 days for this item.
  5. If you want to have a faster delivery time, just contact support, and we will provide additional delivery cost information  to you.
  6. The Stock might be different from website and actual stock. The color or size or variation may be different. If you bought a no stock product, then we will inform you.
  7. Please ensure that you have filled the correct product detail and address when ordering. It is not our responsible if you have entered wrong information into the system.

Service Time

  1. Working Day : Monday –Friday
  2. Working Hour :  01.00 – 10.00 GMT
  3. If you contact us outside the working hours / day, we will respond within 24 hours.
  4. We will provide you latest status of your order.
  5. If within 3 days, you do not get information about your order please contact us


  1. We accept payment by Credit Card Visa and Master.
  2. The store is showing currency USD, GBP, EUR, IDR. 
  3. The currency for credit card processing is only IDR. Using Processor Duitku.com
  4. If you want to use other payment method for example Paypal or Skrill, we can do it offline. Just contact Support.
  5. Refund will be only through Paypal.


  1. The shipping cost is free.
  2. Product is from China and Delivery time is 20 - 40 days.
  3. If you want to have faster delivery time, just contact support before we sent the product.
  4. If we have shipped the product, there is no way to speed up. You have to request to have priority delivery early.
  5. Tax may apply when receiving the product.